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22th March 2021

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Bocce Victoria (Victoria) - Bocce Victoria (Victoria)

Bocce Victoria (Victoria)
Bocce Victoria (Victoria)

P.O. Box 184 BULLEEN Victoria
Officially known as The Bocce Federation of Victoria, Bocce Victoria is a non-profit voluntry basis organisation, including upto 10 committee members Bocce Victoria stages more than 50 individual State competitions per year at Senior, Junior, U/23 & U/14 level in accordance with the Federation Internationale de boules (F.I.B.) rules and regulations, including National Championships and Australian Opens, which makes host to international countries. 10 affiliated boccedromes in Victoria, 4 affiliated regional associations, 100's of recreational out door and indoor bocce courts, active school and disability programs. 1000's of players both recreational and competitive througout Victoria Educational information for school and institution programs, athletes, coached and referees. 20 active referees and 10 coaches (2no. Level 2 accredited) Conducts regular coaching and referee clinics each year Visits many schools throughtout Victoria each year as requested involving 1000's of boys and girls, cultural days, school competitions. Conducts clinics for associations such as Girls Sports Victoria (GSV) , public festivals, demonstrations and various sporting institutions Provides a platform for beginners to enter competitive Bocce through our annual Novice competitions and Club Championships Provides support and free coaching to all athletes at any level, including disability Subsidised equipment for each affiliated club in order to run all events the sport of Bocce has to offer, in particular the technical throwing events Conducts regular training programs for State Senior and Junior teams. Programs for U14's, U18, U23, and Senior age levels. Regular technical throwing training offered to all levels of fitness. Specialist training camps/session for technical throwing events, including athletics training programs (Progressive Throw) Assists Club Development Programs and Bocce court/club projects throughout Victoria Provides participation opportunities for anyone at any level imaginable to promote activeness within all communities. In particular for the disability, Indigenous, Diverse background, & recreational groups Promotes Bocce as not only a recreational sport, but an international sport played competitively by over 40 countries, reconginised by the International Olympic Committee and a sport which includes many levels of fitness from traditional games to athletic

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