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22th March 2021

Community Leaders in Australia

Community Leaders in Australia (13 Entries)

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Giancarlo Martini-Piovano (CEO) COASIT (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Rhonda Barro (President) COASIT (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Tony De Domenico (President) Italian Chamber of Commerce Melbourne (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Thomas Camporeale (Italian Community services) Co.As.It. (NSW) NSW Australia
Hon Lily D\'Ambrosio (Minister for Industry, Energy & Resources) Hon Lily D\'Ambrosio (Government, Victorian Parliament) (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Paul Lostia (President) Paul Lostia (Sardinian Cultural Association (Vic)) (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Marco Maria Cerbo (Consulate General ) Italian Consulate of Melbourne (Melbourne ) Melbourne Australia
Rudy Monteleone (Director) Victorian Multicultural Commission (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Luca Bottallo (Secretary General) Italian Chamber of Commerce (Melbourne) (Victoria) Victoria Australia
Nicholas Carè (CEO) Italian Chamber of Commerce (Sydney) (NSW ) NSW Australia
Stefano Fiorani (Secretary General) Italian Chamber of Commerce (Queensland) (Queensland) Queensland Australia
Michael Stephens (President) Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand Inc. (Wellington ) Wellington New Zealand
John R Persico (President) Australian Italian Leaders of Tomorrow (Melbourne) Melbourne Australia