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22th March 2021

Trades, Labour & Craftsmen

- Martina Cesano (Schiavello)

Martina Cesano (Schiavello)

Schiavello Group 1 Sharps Road, Tullamarine
+61 3 9330 8888
At Schiavello, our culture of excellence influences everything we do. We uphold the highest standards when it comes to our clients, our people, the community, and the environment around us. That’s why we look towards world’s best practices to guide our performance. When it comes to product and service excellence, we have developed a rigorous commitment to safety, quality and sustainability for over almost 50 years. This is an intentional and strategic direction, which gives us control over the end to end process, ensuring our solutions are designed and engineered to world best standards. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, we are proud to be able to benchmark ourselves against the world. We are passionate about challenging ourselves to evolve the company through continuous improvement. Schiavello is dedicated to supporting our many employees as they grow and contribute to our culture. In acknowledgement of this, Schiavello has been recognised for excellence in training and development such as our industry-first apprenticeship programs. The safety standards we practice are second to none. Whether it’s on a construction site or in the plant, we are committed to maintaining the highest accredited safety standards. We promote a healthy and vibrant environment throughout the world through responsible and sustainable actions, and also through our efforts to assist clients in their pursuit of green outcomes.

Manifacture, sales, distribution of commercial and residential furniture into the corporate, government health and education, hospitality and residential market segments